Specialty Projects>>2008 Viking 60' Sportfish

Objective: Soda blast to remove the existing two coats of Interlux Micron 66 revealing the previously applied Epoxy coating(Amercoat 235). Leave the epoxy coating etched and ready for the application of one additional coat of the Amercoat 235 and then FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surface.

The blasting took place over the course of 3 days, with a careful touch the epoxy coating was not compromised. The Amercoat 235 was initially applied in two different colors (grey and then red). After the blasting the hull a additional coat of red 235 was sprayed on the hull with a airless spray system as well as the "Smart Surface" by the crew from FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surfaces. The FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surface is a 2 part silicone-based coating that employs a physical rather than chemical means of reducing fouling, this type of coating does not damage the marine environment as does traditional "metal-based" anti-fouling paints.

Product info: New Smart Surfaces Duplex Fouling Release System


Hinkley yacht test trial with the FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surface (VIDEO)
Windows media video:

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings - Amercoat 235
(Multi-purpose epoxy coating)
Product Data Info:

Setting up to blast/remove the Interlux Blue Micron 66

Tented boat ready for Spray application of both Epoxy primer and FUJI Smart Surface

Tented boat during the soda blasting

Soda Blasting complete:
Exposed Ameron 235(red)
Cleaned and ready for spray application of FUJI Smart Surface

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